Register with Streamline Health Services, prior to taking the American Red Cross Online Course

Streamline Health Services offers American Red Cross blended learning courses, which consist of both online and classroom components. The American Red Cross online course will prepare participants for the Streamline Health Services classroom skills session and must be completed by the first class date.  


NOTE | To ensure participants taking the American Red Cross Online Course have the best possible online experience, Red Cross recommends using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers on a PC or Tablet and disabling pop-up blockers. Red Cross PC/Tablet Online Course Requirements    


If the American Red Cross Online Course is not in constant use, the program may time-out and course work maybe lost. Be sure to log out if you decide to take a break and screen shot each section you complete. If you need help with the Red Cross online course, please contact the American Red Cross Training Support Center at 1-800-RED-CROSS.  


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